Hi. I'm The PyCoach! You probably know me from Medium or YouTube. This is a course I created with my co-instructor Michael Lin. Michael is a former Netflix engineer that also happens to be a Medium writer like me. In addition to earning money, here are some of the reasons we believe you should write on Medium.

You write code all day

  • You code all day home, but can’t get a job
  • You code all day at work, but can’t get a better salary
  • You feel your efforts aren’t compensated the more you work at a company
  • You have a good job but have no freedom

But what if you could code less and earn more?

What if you could write tutorials, talk about your experience as a programmer/developer/data scientist, give advice to newbies, share your thoughts about our tech world AND make money?

It’s possible! You can do it on Medium

Medium is a platform where you can make money blogging about AI, programming, data science, and tech (they are actually hot topics on the platform). Anyone can make money on Medium by writing online articles.

There are no bosses to please, no useless emails to reply, and no boring meetings to join. You only have to share your thoughts and experience, give advice, talk about our tech industry, or explain your code ... and you get paid.

You know what’s the best part? You can do it without quitting your job!

Sounds good … but this isn’t the same as making videos on YouTube?

Hell no!

It can take years to be discovered on YouTube, Medium is way faster.

The PyCoach, has 35k followers on Medium and 21k subscribers on YouTube. There isn't much difference in the number of followers.

But the difference between how much you make on each platform is huge!

YouTube Earnings

It took The PyCoach around 5 months to join the YouTube partner program (you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time). This means that the first 5 months The PyCoach was basically making videos for free! After joining the program The PyCoach's earnings were around $50 for the first 5 months.

Medium Earnings
(first 5 months)

It took The PyCoach less than 1 week to join the Medium Partner Program (you need 100 followers and to publish 1 article). The earnings were around $500 in the first 5 months.

Medium Earnings
(in 2022)

Since 2021, The PyCoach has been earning a full-time salary by writing AI, programming, data science, and tech articles on Medium (without counting external clients that pay an additional fee to write for them on Medium)

Here's why you should choose Medium over YouTube

1. YouTube channels start with 0 subscribers, but on Medium you already have an audience.

Medium has something called "publications". You can think of a Medium publication as a well-stablished YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. 

If you send your article to a publication and they accept it, your story will reach their followers (even if they still don’t follow you). 

This is like uploading your video to a huge YouTube channel that gets thousand of views on a daily basis. Crazy, right?

Basically we use the traffic of a publication to help us grow faster.

2. You don’t need to buy a mic/camera to start writing on Medium

I think this one is self-explanatory. To start writing on Medium you only need a laptop. Period. 

But hey, we're not so special!

We simply know what works on Medium. Here are The PyCoach's stats on Medium in January 2023. 

Do you get a lot of views because of your followers? No!

Do you get many claps (aka likes) because of your curriculum? No!

Let me show you what works on Medium ….

Course Curriculum

The PyCoach

My Medium blogs and YouTube videos got more than 10 million views combined. After writing on Medium for over 2 years, I know what works and what doesn’t. I'll be your mentor in this course.

Michael Lin

Michael is an Ex-Netflix, Amazon Engineering. Besides being a successful Medium writer, he helps VC-Backed startups build their MVP's and has a FANG-tier engineering consulting for non-technical founders.

Our Discord Community

We have a private Discord community where other people like you support each other to grow on Medium. We will be in this community as well, talking with you and answering any questions you have.

Here are some things our alumni have said

In one month, I finally managed to earn from my articles and even get boosted by Medium!

The course is amazing. It guides you step by step in the world of Medium.

I have been struggling for months to get my head over the complications of the Medium system. The mentors clarified all these topics in a clear and effective way.

In one month I finally managed to earn from my articles and even get boosted by Medium! If you are passionate about writing and you want to start a new income stream, with this course, you will be starting to earn on Medium in less than one week. You cannot miss this!

Fabio Matricardi - Senior Control System Engineer and System Integrator at Key-Solution Srl and student of The PyCoach Academy

From $88 in month 1 to $3647 in month 5

I like writing, but before taking this course I couldn't get enough views to earn a good income from the Medium Partner Program.

I didn't know the topics, headlines, thumbnails, and other important things that determine whether you get views and member reading time on your articles.

After taking the course, I went form $88 in month 1 to $3647 in month 5. I'm happy with the results I got.

Diana Dovgopol - Tech enthusiast and student of The PyCoach Academy

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